In Your Dreams

4 Dec

Lately, I’ve been having the strangest dreams.

I should start by saying that I very rarely dream. While I am not the best sleeper in the world (I’ve had frequent bouts with insomnia, for example), I don’t usually wake up with any memory of my dreams. I know that they say we all dream at certain points in our sleep cycle, and that remembering dreams can be based pretty heavily on the point in the sleep cycle where you wake up. That is about as much as I remember from my high school psych lesson on dreaming, and I’m sure I’ve screwed something up in there.

Anyway, to put it shortly, I don’t usually dream. Lately, though, I’ve been having these vivid, weird dreams. I can’t quite call them nightmares, because I don’t wake from them in some kind of panic or fearing for my life, but they are definitely not the kind of dream that I enjoy having. Almost all of them have involved the end of the world.

I picked up the premise of my book from a dream I had about four months ago, and it was amazing how quickly things came together once I started actually writing it. Like it was all waiting for me right there in my subconscious. I can’t help but wonder if these new dreams are kernels of stories that I should be paying attention to. I’ve considered keeping a dream journal, but honestly, when I wake up I am usually so disoriented and confused that by the time I could organize my thoughts enough to write down my dream, I’ve forgotten most of the details.

I wonder if this is akin to the problem solving method that my mother always recommends: sleep on it. You’ll know what to do in the morning. Inevitably, if I go to sleep thinking about my problem, I will wake up the next morning having solved the issue in my sleep, or at the very least, with new ideas on how to approach the problem. While it isn’t a sure-fire way to solve all problems, and while it certainly has some unfortunate timing requirements, it has worked too many times for me to discount the power of my sleeping mind.

How about you? Do you pluck ideas from your subconscious?


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