Waiting for Frightful Weather

30 Nov

I live in Minnesota, and so this time of year is always a bit of a contradiction in emotion for me. Like any good midwestern girl, I love the snow and the cold. As one Californian once jokingly told me as I walked around in 30 degree weather wearing only a light sweatshirt over my tshirt, “You must have ice in your veins.”

On the other hand, as my far more hardcore Minnesotan boyfriend will tell you, I am kind of a pansy when it comes to winter weather. When compared against my fellow Midwesterners, I fall far short. The extended months of winter snow and ice make me stir crazy, and I dream of 60 degree days and warm breezes.

While early predictions for the winter have been rather extreme (colder and snowier than ever, await the snowpocalypse!) we haven’t seen more than one day of the white stuff so far, and that melted after just a couple of days. My feelings are mixed. It is almost December. I feel like a Christmas season without snow is sacrilegious. But I know that as soon as the snow starts coming, it will never stop, and I’ll be left here buried in flurries and shoveling and ice and all sorts of unpleasantness until April.

When I was in third grade, my hometown experienced a snowstorm that was so bad it knocked out the power in church on Sunday. It was May 1st.

I guess I’m looking forward to the snow we’re supposed to pick up overnight, though I know it is probably the beginning of the end. How about you? Do you love the white stuff, or would you rather escape to warmer climes?


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